How to get approved



We charge a non-refundable application fee of $45.00 for each application. Each adult, 18 and over, living in the home must complete an application even if they are not contributing to the rent. Please also make a clear copy of each applicant’s Driver’s License and send with your application as proof of identity.

We are unable to process your application if application fees have not been paid or any information is missing from the application.


We are not looking for perfect credit.

We realize that everyone has difficult times in their lives and may have let a few bills lapse. If you are concerned about your credit, please speak with the leasing agent and he/she will be happy to discuss your situation with you prior to filling out the application.

If you have filed for bankruptcy and it has not yet been finalized we will not be able to approve your application


We do a dispossessory check.

If you have been evicted or had more than 2 dispossessory filings, you may not qualify.

If you have had a Dispossessory/Eviction filing within the last 3 years, please discuss with the leasing agent prior to completing an application. If you do not discuss former dispossessory charges with the leasing agent prior to submittal and we process your application, your application will be automatically rejected. Amounts due over $1,000 without acceptable payment arrangements are grounds for automatic denial.


We do a criminal check.

It is important that you understand up front that we do a criminal check. We do take into consideration the type of crime and the length of time since conviction. However, violent crimes, drug related crimes of felony status, and sexual related crimes will not be accepted. Failure to disclose a criminal record is grounds for automatic denial.


Rent to Household Income

You must make 3 times the monthly rent in gross income in order to qualify.(this includes supplemental income) For example: If the rent is $1,000.00 the monthly household income has to be greater than $3,000.00. Unemployment payments do not qualify as earned income towards the income qualification requirement.

Please feel free to speak with your leasing agent about any of your concerns. It is our job to help you and find a home that meets your needs. We will work with you in any way possible to make this a simple and easy process. We want to help you find the right place where you will be comfortable.

Good Rental History: This is defined as possessing a satisfactory record of paying rent on time; additionally, there are no evictions filed in your rental history. Unsatisfactory rental history rental history does not disqualify you from being approved. Simply provide the date(s) and detail(s) of the occurrence(s) prior to scheduling a property viewing.


Security Deposit Price Ranges: 1½ Times Monthly Rent – 3 Times Monthly Rent

The security deposit required is based upon the results of your processed application. Listed below are the security criteria details that you might fall into according to your rental history and your application results.


1½ Month

Excellent record of paying rent on time.
No evictions.


2 Months

No rental history
Satisfactory record of paying rent on time.
There are a few occurrences where rent was paid late.
No evictions.


3 Months

Unsatisfactory record of paying rent on time.
One or more evictions.

Fortunately, we at see potential in you as a future tenant and we understand that things happen. We are willing to take your proof of employment and income into greater consideration. Additionally, security deposit payment plans and consideration can be extended on a case by case basis.

4.) Pet Terms & Conditions: Pet deposits are based upon breed type. Additionally, pet-friendly properties are subject to breed restrictions. Be sure to list all pets. will make reasonable accommodation for Service Animals. 



All property viewings are scheduled at your leisure! You tell US what works for YOU!

We have (2) options available:

1.) SELF SERVICE VIEWING SCHEDULE - Please call (404) 382-5888

MON - SUN: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Select properties have this option available. Please review the description section of the listing for this indication.



MON - FRI: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Cut-Off Time: 5:30 PM

For the other listings that don't have the self-service viewing option available we will create you a personalized code to gain access to the home. Listed below is the information we will need in order to create your personalized code.

1. Cell Number
2. Requested Viewing Date (2 Options)
3. Requested Viewing Time Frame (2 Options)
4. Photo Copy/Image of Driver's License/ID (a texted image of your identification will be suffice!)
5. Property Street Address



1- Email:

2 -Text: 678-653-2010 

Please be advised that 1-Day notice is required for viewings at properties that do not have self service viewing as an option.Once we receive this, you will receive an email confirming that you have been scheduled at the requested date and time. If the requested viewing date and time is not available we will we send you an alternate viewing date and time that is close to the original request. 


1.) Apply online at:

Application Fee = $45 / Per Tenant 18+ Yrs. Old.
If you don't meet the 2 ½ times the monthly rent amount requirement co-signer assistance can be utilized. Co-signers are instructed to go online and fill out an application separately; be sure list the original applicants name the additional occupants section.
Please be sure to list the names and ages of all children in the additional occupants section.

2.) Submit your proof of identification (color copy) via email.

3.) Submit your proof of income via email.


4 Check Stubs
6 months of deposit statements
Tax Return for the last 2 Years
If you're unable to provide verifiable proof of income a 3 Mo. security deposit will be required prior to move-in if approved.
If you are relocating to Atlanta or the surrounding area due to a job or transfer request please submit a transfer approval / employment award letter along with the information requested above.

4.) Request a rental verification form via email.

If your current rental agreement is with a homeowner there is no need to request this form.

If your current rental arrangement is with an apartment complex or property management group you will need to request this form. Only the top portion of this form needs to be completed by YOU. Please send this form (signed) back to our office so we're able to request your landlord to fill out the bottom portion on your behalf.


Once all documents are submitted a confirmation email will be sent to you. A decision will be made within 3 -5 business days. In the event that application decisions exceed the 5 day turnover time, please send all application status requests via email. Please be advised that we only take (3) applications at a time for each listing showcased within our inventory so time is of the essence!


Here is how it works.

STEP 1: Complete the application 

STEP 2:  E-Mail the application along with a copy of your drivers license & your money order to:

STEP 3:  We will review the application and process it within 72 hours of receipt. This is subject to your employer & landlord responding timely.

STEP 4:  Your application will be approved or denied based on our written guidelines

Click here to download our rental guidelines

STEP 5:  Set a move-in date

Here are some common questions that may help you

Do you need good credit to be in your program?

We do not expect perfect credit. The better your credit the easier it will be to get you approved. If you have some credit issues, that is OK. We are mostly looking for ability to pay and a stable rental history.

I had a bad experience with a landlord and am concerned about getting qualified. Can you still work with me?

If you have had some spotty rental history, please contact us and discuss your specific situation with us before you apply. We are always happy to discuss your situation to make sure which program is right for you.

I have a past criminal charge. Would I be accepted?

We do pull a criminal report.  Violent crimes, prostitution, felony drug related charges and other serious offensives will not be approved.  While we understand that time and maturity can make a difference, charges over 5 years will still be evaluated and used in conjunction with the balance of your application. If you have a specific question about your situation, we encourage you to contact us BEFORE you apply.

Ready to apply? 

We will not be able to process your application until we have your application fee.


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